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[2014-04-25]通訊所演講 : Sensor Networks for Sustainable Infrastructures


演講題目:Sensor Networks for Sustainable Infrastructures

演  講 者:Prof. Anna Scaglione (UC Davis)

時  間:2014年4月25日(星期五)上午10:30~12:00

地  點:清華大學台達館 R919



Infrastructures for energy, transportation, water are serving a growing population, increasingly clustering around urban centers. Information systems made for utilizing more efficiently these infrastructure are crucial to allow a more sustainable future. The challenge is moving from legacy systems and operations that are robust, but slow and inflexible, to systems that are controlled based on real time data analytics which allow to maximize the social benefit earned from their usage. Communication, computation and database storage needs will grow and it is essential to engineer these systems to scale, be secure and resilient. This talk considers models for information sharing, computation and scheduling tasks that can support this vision of pervasive information and intelligent automation.  We will discuss progress made on basic decentralizing inference primitives via mull-agent learning algorithms for state estimation and subspace tracking, that can be used to build the distributed intelligence needed for monitoring these infrastructure in a resilient and scalable fashion. We will then discuss how to control anonymously large populations of appliances, to have flexible electricity consumption with scalable information and computation models.



Anna Scaglione is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UC Davis, and held Associate and Assistant Professor positions before at Cornell University (2001-2008) and at the University of New Mexico (2000-2001). She is a Fellow of the IEEE, and co-recipient of the 2000 IEEE Signal Processing Transactions Best Paper Award, Ellersick Best Paper Award (MILCOM 2005), the 2013 IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize Paper Award and the 2013 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author best paper award, with her student.  She held several editorial and technical chair positions, including that of Editor in Chief of the IEEE Signal Processing Letters from 2012-2013. She is currently in the Board of Governor of the Signal Processing Society. Her expertise is in the broad area of signal processing for communication systems, networks and, more recently, power systems. Her current research focuses on studying and enabling decentralized learning and signal processing in networks of sensors and on sensor systems and networking models for demand side management and sustainable energy delivery.


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