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Faculty Openings_2018

                   The Department of Electrical Engineering (including the Institute of Electronics Engineering, the Institute of Communications Engineering, and the Institute of Photonics Technology) at National Tsing Hua University is inviting applications for faculty positions at all levels (professors/associate professors/assistant professors) including (but not limited to) the following areas

                1)  Electric machinery and motor drives 

                2)  Robotic systems and applications, unmanned vehicle control systems

                3)  Nano-electronics

               4)  Advanced ULSI technology

               5)  Big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning

               6)  Lithography, green photonics, soft-matter photonics

               7)  Power converters

               8)  Semiconductor physics and theory

               9)  Compound semiconductor electronics, semiconductor physics and theory, memory

             10)  Beyond 5G Mobile Communications and Internet of Things

             11)  Optimization for signal processing and communications


Please prepare the following required application materials and email the electronic files to

*Application deadline (including the reference letters): August 1, 2018 (The hiring period starts from February 1, 2019).

*Please note that the application materials should be provided separately as individual PDF files.

(Example of email subject line: "Application for Faculty Positions in NTHUEEProf. (name)"

 Example of file names: "Prof. (name) application material- letter of application",

                                         "Prof. (name) application materialcurriculum vitae.")

1)     A letter of application (which should clearly indicate the position you apply for with a list of your research interests)  

2)    A curriculum vitae including the candidate’s education background, research interests, research achievements, publication list, and teaching interests

3)    A research plan statement (5-year prospect)

4)    Photocopies of degree certificates and transcripts

5)    Photocopies of major publications and research achievements

6)    Three reference letters (which should be sent directly from referees and should contain referees’ signatures)

7)    Other helpful materials






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