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Course Features



One of the characteristics of this program is that each student must participate in the implementation of the topic in the third and fourth year, and complete an electronic / motor module or system in a group cooperation manner. In addition to giving students a broad basic theoretical knowledge of the Electrical Engineering field, students can develop opportunities to collect materials, solve problems, teamwork, writing, and oral presentation skills, and cultivate excellent scientists and engineers. This ensures students to be able to work independently and innovatively after graduation. 
To enhance students' ability to listen, speak and practice English, as well as to increase students' international competitiveness and promote an international environment, the department has changed 15 courses and 47 credits to English offered lecture since the beginning of the 93rd school year. Besides, some of the Department's current elective and research courses have been taught in English. In the future, there will be 20 to 30 courses in English for each academic year. It would be more convenient for students to exchange visits and study abroad and attract foreign teachers. Foreign researchers and students could come to teaching, visiting, and studying. 
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