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The First Foreign Language Standards Application Form for Ph.D. Student(2024 Spring)


2024 Academic Year Spring semester / Electrical Engineering Department

Application for First Foreign Language Recognition




DateFrom February 19 to March 1, 2024 (during office hours)



ProcedurePlease download the application form at the bottom of the webpage. After completing the application form, scan and convert it together with the academic transcripts and grade distribution or related certificates into a PDF file, and send it to the department office email (eeoffice@my. nthu.edu.tw) during the application period. Please indicate the subject of the letter: student ID/name/Application for First Foreign Language Recognition.

說    明:第一外國語認定標準相關內容請參考「國立清華大學電機工程學系博士班第一外國語認定標準」。





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