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Graduation Credits Confirmation Form for the MS student and Ph.D student of EE NTHU

Department of Electrical Engineering

Graduation Credits Confirmation Form


  1. Every graduate student of EE is required to fill “Graduation Credits Confirmation Form” to confirm that the content and credits of the taken courses meet the Department requirements.

(You are only eligible to take the degree examination after the completion of graduation credits confirmation form)

  1. You can download the form in the attachment of this announcement.
  2. You are suggested to fill in the form when you want to select the course every semester and upon receiving the grade of the course and your adivsor agreement, you could submit it to our Department to be reviewed. If not, you will have to fill out all of the form at one time and submit it to the Department before your oral examination.
  3. According to the Department rules, every general courses, military training, physical education, and foreign languages will not be included into Graduation Credits.

“EE6010 Basic Thesis Writing” and other related courses will not be included into Graduation Credits. Other courses that are not against the Department regulations will have to be agreed by your advisor for you to take the course.

  1. If you have another concerns or inquiries, you may contact the Department office(eeoffice@my.nthu.edu.tw).


(These requirements are adopted in Chinese, which shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original.)

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