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Direct pursuit of the Ph.D. degree for Master students

National Tsing Hua University

Department of Electrical Engineering

Direct pursuit of the Ph.D. degree for Master students


The regulation was made and approved by the Department of Electrical Engineering in March 20, 1995.
Revised and approved in October 16, 2002.
Revised and approved in July 30, 2004.
Revised and approved in December 15, 2010.

Revised and approved in January 8, 2015.


  1. Students who have done Master study for more than one year and have an average grade (GPA) more than 3.38 are eligible for applying direct pursuit of the Ph.D. degree in the EE department, subject to recommendation by at least two professors from the departments the students belong to.
  2. Application for direct pursuit should be made by July 31st every year. Applications made after the deadline will not be accepted. Exceptions to the application deadline can be applied before the end of first semester, subject to the number of vacant admissions in each academic year.
  3. Master students intending to pursue the Ph.D. degree directly are required to submit the following documents to the department where he/she intend to do PhD study:
    1. A filled application form for direct pursuit of the Ph.D. degree .
    2. Official transcripts of applicant's Master study.  
    3. Two reference letters.
    4. Supplementary materials that may be helpful for applications.
  4. Applications for direct pursuit of the Ph.D. degree will be reviewed by the Postgraduate Education Committee of the department. The number of admissions is set to be one-third the number of admitted Ph.D students (excluding part-time students) in the corresponding academic year. Two extra positions can be offerred if the total number of admissions is less than six.
  5. The period of study, course requirements, and progress evaluation of students admitted for pursuing Ph. D. degree directly follow the regulations on "The Ph. D. program of the Department of Electrical Engineering in the NTHU".
  6. In case that students pursuing the Ph.D. degree directly pass qualification exam but fail in degree examination, the student can be awarded a Master degree instead if his/her PhD-degree examiners recommend that the Ph.D. candidate's thesis have been comparable with the quality of a Master thesis.
  7. Students pursuing the Ph. D. degree directly can apply for transferring back to a Master program if he/she fails to pass qualification exam or has applied for suspending his/her postgraduate study. The application for transferring will have to be approved by the institute/department which the PhD student belongs to, as well as by the chancellor of the university. The period during which the applicant is registered as a Ph.D. student will not be added up into the period of the applicant's Master study. If the transferring takes effect in the middle of a semester, this semester will be added into period of the Master study. The student will be no longer eligible for applying direct pursuit of the Ph.D. degree.
  8. Any amendment to the program above must be approved by the Education Committee of the Department of Electrical Engineering before its implementation.


(These Regulations are adopted in Chinese, which shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original.)

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