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TSMC Advance School

1. In order to support the students in learning semiconductor process related courses, as well as to improve the practical skills that can be adopted in the project cooperated with TSMC and NTHU, hereby the TSMC Advance School will provide the guidance for students to become a talented employee. 

2. This program only receive online application. The application starts every year on February 1st and August 1st. All student from NTHU from any disciplines are welcomed to apply. The required courses for this program will later be announced for every student.  

3. This program will include 48 credits of mandatory courses and 23 credits for elective courses. Students are required to complete the mandatory courses from NTHU Academic System and choose at least 3 elective courses. Students can only take inter-school courses 12 credits in maximum (should be agreed by the Department). 

4. Courses for 2019 program are listed as following table (The detailed course list will be displayed in the following table):


學程必/選修 所屬學類 學程科目名稱 學分





半導體元件物理 3
固態物理導論 3
量子力學導論 3
電路學 3
工程數學一 3
工程數學二 3
近代物理 3
半導體製程 3
電子學一 3
電子學二 3
電磁學 3
電子薄膜 3
電漿工程與蝕刻 3
微電子工程 3
實驗設計與統計應用 3
材料(材料分析技術)  材料分析與檢測 3



半導體元件設計與模擬 3
元件量測 2
新型記憶體與神經型態運算 3
應用光電子學 3
積體電路設計導論 3
先進製程特論 3



同調光及電子繞射顯微術 3
同步加速器X光吸收光譜分析應用 3


5. Upon the program completion and reviewed by the Department’s President, the Department and TSMC will grant the certificate of TSMC Advance School to the student. The student will also be granted the opportunity to have an interview in TSMC if there is a job opportunity.

6. For those who get B+ in this program, TSMC will give a yearly salary according to the contract to the students who are not applied to the program. The performance will be counted according the TSMC regulations, the grade of the courses outside this program will not be counted.



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