[Professor Chi-Chun Lee BIIC LAB Interviewed] Interviewer's mind reading Aid the company to choose the best employees

This is not a science fiction novel, it is not a movie plot far away from outer space, but it is right beside you and me. 15 large collections of AI applications across food, clothing, housing, travel, education, and music, see how it changes our mindset, work style and life! Can a person's emotions, personality, participation, leadership, and social communication skills be calculated through AI? "BIIC LAB" (Human Behavior Message and Interactive Computing Lab) led by Chi-Chun Lee, an associate professor of electrical engineering at Tsinghua University, gave the answer: YES!

From the beginning of a word, "Hm", your expressions, intonation and body language, through video shooting, all words and deeds, every move can be recorded as data. "We say that this strange person is an adjective. "Strange" cannot be quantified into data, but we can now quantify the number of talks, physical interactions, and facial expression changes," Lee said.

It seems to be the simplest, but in fact, it is the most complicated; because you want to see the inner state from a person's behavior signal, in other words, "read" your heart, "see" your personality. "The mind can be realization," said Li-xing Yang, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Political Science.