Create a 3D panorama with a photo. Online house viewing, Free and Immersive.

Taiwan's R&D team has the world's best "intelligent panoramic 3D Reconstruction" technology. Through a panoramic photo and machine learning technology, the whole environment can be rebuilt. People could travel freely in the virtual spaces just like playing online 3D games.

iStaging Corp. and researching team of NTHU pointed out that, Taiwan's "Wisdom 3D Reconstruction" technology is currently the best in the world. Compared with the 2nd place, the accuracy is 15% higher. The team will deliver the results to the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) in the United States in June.

Sun Min, an associate professor of Electrical Engineering at NTHU, pointed out that with the popularity of panoramic cameras, more and more panoramic photos are used in commercial services. Like the earliest Google Street View service, there are now many real estate companies using panoramic services for online viewing.

In response to the increasing demand for panoramic services, NTHU and iStaging are engaged in industry-university cooperation, and the research and development results have surpassed the threshold that conventional tech requires manual measurement, depth camera and multiple photos.

The team developed "just one panoramic photo", through machine learning technology, without the need for post-production, you can rebuild the indoor 3D pattern. Combined with virtual reality technology, viewers can feel the three-dimensional sense of the interior, and the online viewing houses are like 3D games, and they are free to shuttle in various spaces.

The CEO of iStaging, Zhong-Bin Li, said iStaging service has been distributed in 50 countries around the world. This technology will be extended to overseas markets. It has applied for patents in Taiwan, China, Europe and the United States. The team hopes to commercialize the research and development results as soon as possible. The technology will be applied to real estate, tourism and new retail.