Tsing Hua established Sports Technology Center "Love" baseball with AI

News source:  2018.12.04秘書處


In recent years, the school has devoted all its efforts to AI artificial intelligence and applications. Now we has decided to apply AI to the baseball field and announced the establishment of the " Tsing Hua Sports Technology Center". The first step will be to promote the "AI baseball program" and integrate big data analysis. The latest technologies such as sensing technology, biomechanics, and artificial intelligence are used in baseball training. In addition to helping baseball players at all levels in China improve their performance and reduce sports injuries, they must also bring this latest smart baseball system to the world.



The Sports Science and Technology Center of the school will be the special lecturer of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and also the former Little League Team Giant’s famous pitcher Wu Chengwen as the convener of the advisory group. The collection will be held in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Physical Education, Department of Motivation, Department of Motivation and Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. A total of 10 professors, plus 1 orthopedic surgeon and 2 off-campus teachers, created an artificial intelligence baseball training system.

Professor Wu Chengwen said that the cross-domain integration of the professors' expertise, the school will develop a set of analysis and evaluation system for the baseball player's sports state, through Bluetooth wireless transmission, a mobile phone can monitor the data, in addition to analyzing the player's current situation, It is also possible to predict the future. "Taiwan's sensing technology is first-class. We must do it cheaper and we can make goods right away." Help Taiwan's sports technology industrialization.

Professor Wu Chengwen said that in English “AI” can also pronounce as "love". Therefore, "AI baseball plan" will be called "love baseball plan". In addition to baseball, the school's sports technology center is expected to extend the reach of high-tech assisted training to sports such as boxing, badminton, billiards and archery.



Professor Ma Xibin, director of the School of Sports Science and Technology, and the Department of Electrical Engineering, will develop "Smart Baseball". In the baseball ball, sensors, pressure gauges, etc., in addition to measurable baseball trajectory, rotation speed, etc., can also measure the pitch of the pitcher. In the future, the pitcher can help the pitcher adjust the strength and angle of the pitching, and more accurately improve the pitching performance of the curved ball, the sliding ball, the shifting ball, the finger ball, the stretch ball, and the floating ball.

In addition, Professor Ma Xibin's team will also develop "physiological sensing IC technology", which can instantly detect physiological reactions such as heartbeat and breathing. In the future, it will be used to assess the player's psychological state, concentration, etc., to help players face and adapt to the game. Three bad situational pressures.



Professor Wu Chengwen pointed out that the artificial intelligence baseball system will fully take care of the training needs of baseball players. For example, Professor Zhu Hongguo from the Department of Capital Engineering developed the "3D Human Body Model Simulation". With one camera, you can use the image signal to analyze the dynamic skeleton movement of the human body and assist the players. It can help to correct the cast position and reduce injuries. Professor Huang Bojun of the motor department developed the "intelligent insole", which can instantly display and record the pressure of the player's foot and the trajectory of the center of gravity of the left and right feet.



Assistant Professor Li Yuru of the Department of Engineering and Engineering specializes in biomechanics and human factors engineering. She is responsible for the development of the "precision strike" system, which measures the player's perspective and changes in body weight through eye trackers and ground force plates to adjust the posture. Professor Wu Chengwen said that a good hitter must be "following the ball" to the last moment when he is struck. This system will be a good tool for combat training.



After the cooperation with National Hsinchu university of Education, the school added the sports department, which also became the key to Tsing Hua’s successful integration of sports and technology research. Professor Wu Chengwen said that the laboratory of the Department of Physical Education, Qiu Wenxin, originally had high-speed cameras, human musculoskeletal simulation systems, and many other athletes and coaches who could provide first-line experience. In the future, Tsing Hua will hold the "National Baseball Technology Needs Symposium", inviting the primary and secondary school baseball team coaches to join the development and application of the smart baseball system.

Wang Hongjun, a senior in the Department of Capital Engineering who participated in the "3D Human Body Model Simulation" study, said that he had participated in a baseball club in high school and found that many pitchers were injured in pitching postures, shoulders and ankles were injured, and a friend was even forced to end his career after injured. He said, "The best thing about AI baseball is to help players reduce their sports injuries." Wang Hongyi is now a football goalkeeper. He believes that "3D human posture simulation" can also be applied to football training in the future.



Coach Qiu Yida, who led Hsinchu Chengde High School to the top 16 of the National High School Black Panther Flag Baseball Championship this year, said that in the past, he mostly explained his own experience, but how to turn his wrist and how his body weight changed, "only use Mouth said, it is difficult for players to comprehend." Now Tsing Hua develops a smart baseball training system, which can make the explanation concrete, and it can be helpful to guide the time and sequence of players to play on the field according to the real-time monitoring data. Baseball training at all levels in Taiwan has entered a new high-tech stage.