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“Ph.D Degree Examination” Important Notice for the Ph.D student of EE NTHU

Department of Electrical Engineering

“Ph.D Degree Examination” Important Notice


To every Ph.D students who would like to take the degree examination, please pay more attention on this important notice. If you have further inquiries, please kindly contact Mrs. Tseng (eeoffice@my.nthu.edu.tw).

  • Oral examination of Spring semester starts from February 1 – July 31, while Fall semester starts from August 1 – January 31.
  • Every Ph.D student who wishes to take the oral examination before the registration of new semester (early February - beginning of Spring semester or early August – beginning of Fall semester) is required to complete the registration procedures earlier. You could go to Division of Registration website and download all of the required registration form, then fill them out and submit them to the assigned division.
  • Please check the format of the thesis from the Division of Registration.
  • Delay graduation application: for every graduate student who has finished the oral examination and thesis review, yet wishes to take courses abroad, do exchange program, internship, or training has to apply for the upcoming semester to Department, Institute and College, as well as taking at least one course every semester (including Thesis and Research Thesis). Graduation certificate will be given after the end of abroad courses, exchange program, internship or traning and completion of any required extracurricular report or administrative report.

Whoever wishes to delay the graduation date has to proceed the application 1 month before the original graduation date along with the hard copies of abroad courses, exchange program, internship or training.


Eligibility of Ph.D student to take degree examination and application process will be described as following. Every tools mentioned in the following should be downloaded in the bottom page of this webpage:

  1. Every Ph.D student has to apply for The preliminary application for Ph.D. degree Examinationto “Master and Ph.D Academic Committee” in Department of EE first. After passing the preliminary application for Ph.D degree examination and agreed by the advisor, Ph.D student will be eligible to apply for “Ph.D degree examination”
  2. Please make sure that you have passed the “Online Academic Research Ethics Education Course
  3. Please use Turnitin tool to check your thesis draft’s originality.
  4. Please give a report on the subsidy or salary from Ministry of Science.
  5. Please consult to your advisor about the date of your degree examination.
  6. After you have confirmed the list of examination committee, date and place, please login to Academic Information System >Application system of the Oral Defenseè >Start to apply, two weeks prior to the oral examination the latest.
  7. After the completion of online registration procedure, please save and submit the application. Then, click on the “Report” to print the  Ph.D Candidate application form and  Examination committee namelist. With the Graduation Credits Confirmation Form for the MS student and Ph.D student of EE NTHUTranscriptProof of Thesis Originality by using Turnitin tool and The report on the research colloboration salary, then submit to the Department office. (You do not need to submit the recommendation letter from your advisor on the first Department Evaluation).
  8. After passsing the first Department Evaluation, we will send you a notification e-mail, then you can login into Academic Information System  >Application system of the Oral Defense >Print forms, to print out the forms (Appointment letter, Oral Defense Grading form, Examination committee approval form, and Advisor Recommendation Letter) and get the stamp for Appointment letter and Oral Defense Grading form from the Department office.


Following is the document that you need to prepare on the day of your oral examination:

  1. Examination committee approval form (1 pcs)
  2. Advisor recommendation letter (1 pcs)
  3. Oral Defense Grading form (for all of the examination committee members)
  4. Thesis Grading Form (1 pcs)


After finishing the oral examination, please submit “Thesis Grading Form, Oral Defense Grading form, Examination committee approval form, Advisor recommendation letter, Thesis book (final version), and Transportation fee for the oral examination report” to Department office.

  • If you are not able to submit the final version of your thesis book right after your oral examination, then our Department will keep your oral defense grade temporarily. After you submitted the final version of your thesis book, we will submit your oral defense grade to the Division of Registration.
  • Please submit your Ph.D overall grade and thesis book to the Division of Registration before the beginning of new semester the latest.


Thesis softcopy file: After the completion of oral examination, transcript submission to the Department office, and the thesis revision, you are able to upload your thesis into our Library website. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines in the website.


Graduation procedures: Please login to Academic Information System to apply for the graduation procedures.

  • Generally, you have to finish the graduation procedures before the beginning of new semester.

If you have not completed the graduation procedures after the beginning of new semester, Division of Registration will keep your Ph.D diploma and change your current status into graduated. (Graduated status will not allow you to use campus facilities, thus please consider about these points.)

  • Graduation procedure from the Department: After you have passed the oral examination, please go to our Department website (Master/PhD) and download the Graduation Procedure Form for the MS student and Ph.D student of EE NTHUthen fill out the form. Please bring this form along with your thesis hard copy 1 book (Hardcover : Power Electronic group in red and System group in black), and Graduates questionnaires to the Department office.


Receiving the Ph.D diploma: Please refer to the Division of Registration about the Graduation Procedures for Graduate Students & Procedures for Thesis Submissions.

The date of receiving the Ph.D diploma: three working days after the submission of oral examination grading form and thesis book.


(These requirements are adopted in Chinese, which shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original.)

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