2019 EE Department Ph.D. Awardee List of “Cultivate Outstanding Ph.D. Student Scholarship”

2019 EE Department Ph.D. Awardee List of “Cultivate Outstanding Ph.D. Student Scholarship”

Congratulations to the following listed students!







1.This scholarship is awarded to subsidize the outstanding Ph.D. student and support the students to do the research in a peaceful and focus mind.

2.   Awardee candidate: First year Ph.D. student of NTHU. Student who come from Mainland China, or is currently working in public or private company, or is admitted to the university with full-time employee status, or had been admitted to campus but has not finished the registration process, or applies for suspension is not eligible for receiving the scholarship.

3.   Awardee quota and regulation: The awardee quota is set by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Technology and NTHU. The award will be distributed upon the successful registration into the campus and each student will received 40,000NTD per month and can be renewed up to 4 years.

4.   Recommendation quota and reviewing procedure: The number of quotas is calculated based on the proportion of the total application for funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

5.   Assessment mechanism and effectiveness tracking: On the second semester, after the academic advisor evaluate the awardee academic achievement and research result, the result will be sent to the committee member for the renewal scholarship eligibility. For those who have these following conditions are not eligible for renewing the scholarship;

  • Apply for suspension or drop out or work in the public or private company.
  • Fast track Ph.D. student who returns to Master degree and gives up the Ph.D. degree.
  • The awardee has forged, altered or provided false information and received the scholarships already awarded.
  • The committee members decide not to renew the scholarship.