Institute of Electronics Engineering

Institute of Electronics Engineering

Master degree:

  1. Entrance by Recommendation
    Students have at least 12 credits on Electrical Circuits, Electronics or Electromagnetics.
    Application data:
    (1) Two reference letters
    (2) Study plan
    (3) Rank certificate
    (4) Official transcripts
    (5) Other materials that are helpful for applications
  2. Entrance by Examination

Examination subjects:
(1)Engineering Mathematics
(2)Choose one from either Electronics or Electromagnetics
(3)Choose one from either Modern Physics or Solid-State Electronic Devices

Ph.D. degree:

  1. Entrance by Examination
    Application data:
    (1)Official transcripts for both undergraduate and graduate studies
    (2)Master thesis and publications
    (3)Two reference letters
    (4)Study plan
    (5)Other materials that are helpful for applications
    Oral Exam
  2. Direct pursuit of Ph.D. degree (for registered M.S. students only)

For detailed information are available at the Office of Global Affairs(OGA) in the NTHU

and Institute of Electronics Engineering