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Institute of Electronics Engineering


In response to the rapid growth of electronic industry and the increasing demands for electronic engineers, the Institute of Electronics Engineering was established in 1996. The institute not only contains faculty members from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering but also continues to recruit new faculty members after 1996. The teaching and research activities in the institute have been focused on the following fields:

Communication Electronics: Fabrication, design and characterization of radio-frequency devices and ICs.
Power Electronics: Fabrication, design and characterization of power-electronic devices and ICs.
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems: Fabrication, design and?? characterization of micromachined sensors and devices.
Opto-Electronics: Fabrication, design and characterization of high-speed semiconductor lasers, light-emitting devices, and optical-fiber devices.
Quantum Electronics: Heterostructureg and compound Semiconductor devices.
Thin Film Electronics: Solar cells and Large-area display devices.
ULSI circuits: Design of process modules for advanced Ultra Large Scale Integrated circuits, design of VLSI circuits for biomedical applications.

The institute enrolls 75 M.S. students and 23 PhD students every year. To incubate students with interdis-ciplinary expertise, the institute has actively participated in the design of course modules in [Semiconductor industry and manufacturing] and [Microsystem technology ] in the NTHU. Furthermore, following the foundation of the Center for Nano-science and Technology in the NTHU, research in nano-scale devices and nano-technologies is becoming one major research interest in the institute. Through frequent interactions with other research institutes, the institute has had outstanding contributions in numerous electronics-related research fields.44




List of labs in the Institute

Advanced Microelectronic Devices and Matrials Lab Prof. Hsu, Yung-Jeng
Amorphous Semicouductors Lab Prof. Lin, Shu-Ya
Electronic Device & Integrated Circuits Lab Prof. Lien, Chen-Hsin
Fiber device Laboratory Prof. Tseng, Shiao-Ming
Giant area and micro electronics laboratory (Games Lab) Prof. Huang, Huey-Liang
High-speed Devices and Integrated Circuit Lab Prof. Hsu, Shuo-Hung
Low-Dimensional Device Physics and Ultrafast Lab Prof. Sheng-fu Horng
Microelectronics Lab Prof. King, Ya-Chin
Nano/Microelectromechanical Systems Lab Prof. Lu, Shiang-Cheng
Noise Measurement Lab Prof. Gong, Jeng
Neuro-Engineering Lab Prof. Hsin Chen
Optoelectronic and High-Speed Devices laboratory Prof. Wu, Meng-Chyi
Quantum Microsystem Lab Prof. Yeh, Jer-Liang
Semiconductor Device & Integrated Circuits Lab Prof. Ya-Ming Lee
Semiconductor Device & Processes Lab Prof. Yeh, Fon-Shan
Semiconductor Physics and Devices Simulation Lab Prof. Wu, Yu-Shu
Semiconductor Technology Advanced Research Lab (STAR Lab) Prof. Huang, Ruey-Shing
? Prof. Chih-Fang Huang
? Prof. Kuang-Chien Hsieh 
? Prof. Keh-Yung Cheng 
Nanoelectronics Lab Prof. Po-Wen Chiu
Semiconductor Technology Advanced Research Lab (STAR Lab) Prof. Chrong-Jung Lin
Microfluidic and BioMEMS Lab Prof. Ya-Tang Yang
? Prof. Mi-Chang Chang
? Prof. Yi-Chun Liu
Memory Design Lab Prof. Meng-Fan Chang  

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